How to get involved

Humber Science Festival 2023

After a successful event in 2022, Humber Science Festival is back for 2023!
This year Humber Science Festival will be held Thursday 7- Sunday 10 September 2023 at the University of Hull, and across the City. The Festival celebrates science in its broadest sense, including Maths, medicine, engineering, technology, innovation and history of science.

This year:

We expect to distribute over 3000 FREE tickets to shows, workshops and a host of hands-on activities.

This year we are looking for sponsorship contributions from participating organisations so that that we can ensure the sustainability of the event for the future and continue to make the event FREE to attend for families.

For 2023- the Humber Science Festival aims to:

  • Deliver a programme of events and activities in a variety of venues and sites across the city of Hull. The main venue for the Humber Sci Fest will be within the University of Hull campus.
  • Attract a diverse audience, including people who would not normally engage with science events. 
  • Explore the overlap of science, arts, and culture. 
  • Showcase the wide range of science, technology and innovation taking place in the region, ensuring this is audience-focussed whilst retaining scientific credibility and rigour. 
  • Inspire, enthuse, entertain, and inform audiences and support a lifelong interest in science 
  • Widen participation in STEM education via engagement with hard-to reach audiences
  • Showcase local STEM careers as a viable option for school-age children in the region   
  • Attract regional and national media coverage
  • Connect science/STEM-based organisations, businesses, services and educationalists via the launch of the Humber STEM Network

The sponsorship packages start from as little as £150 for the Table-top package to £1750 for our Gold, premier level package – so, there is something to suit all budgets. We will not expect sponsorship fees from small charitable organisations, state-funded schools and colleges.

Finally, we are also launching the Humber STEM Network as an opportunity for all science/STEM-based organisations, services and businesses in the region to connect, collaborate and share  information on projects, opportunities and outreach work.  The network will primarily be based within social media, via the Humber Science Festival Facebook page and we intend to hold a celebratory event for network members during the Humber Science Festival (date TBC).