Can Music Change our Immune System?

  • For ages 16+
  • Esk Building, Allam Lecture Theatre Where is this?
  • 11.30am-12.15pm
  • 500 places
  • 45 mins

Sunday 2 April 2017


Research into the health benefits of music has expanded rapidly in recent years, with studies as diverse as playing of war songs to improve walking in Parkinson’s patients, to the use of pop music to increase speed and accuracy in operating theatres. In this award-winning show, Daisy Fancourt will explore how music can impact on the mind and body. Daisy Fancourt is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Performance Science, a partnership between Imperial College and the Royal College Music.

This show is part of The British Science Association’s Award Lecture tour, supported by 3M.

Can Music Change our Immune System?

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