Extra tickets for Hull Science Festival


A handful of extra workshops are being added to this year’s Hull Science Festival to allow more people to attend the event.

Two of the most popular Exploration Zone workshops – Hydrogen Fuelled Lego Cars and Control Freak – will each run an extra session.

Extra tickets have been made available for What is Light? – a fascinating interactive workshop by the LabRascals.

And a new periscope workshop has been added to the programme.

Extra tickets are also being made available for the lecture Personalised Medicine: Can Micro Technologies Pave the Way, which has almost sold out.

The tickets are due to go on release on Wednesday, March 22, after 9am and can be booked through the Hull Science Festival website.

Festival Director Professor Mark Lorch said:

“We were amazed with the response when the tickets were first released several weeks ago.

“Most of the workshops sold out within a couple of days and we had a lot of people asking if more tickets would be made available.

“We are delighted that so many people share our passion for science. It’s just a shame we can’t accommodate everyone who wants to attend. There are a limited number of extra tickets and we expect these to go very quickly.”

Hydrogen Fuelled Lego Cars is an opportunity to design, build and test hydrogen fuel cell, model cars using Lego.

Control Freak is a UK STEM workshop where participants can experiment with robotics, control systems and electronics.

The workshops are suitable for all ages and last 45 minutes each.

New to the programme, Periscope Workshops will investigate the science behind light, mirrors, reflection and refraction and give people the chance to build their own cardboard periscope.

First designed for the Manchester Science Festival, these workshops offer an interactive and educational format for children to learn about history, science, technology and how these topics inspire the arts.

Using a hands on, physical and comedic approach, this workshop really brings learning to life. During the day performers will be mingling with the crowds as they go walkabout with their “interactive periscope”.

Shows, lectures and debates

Tickets are also still available for:

Can Music Change our Immune System? Is an award-winning show which explores how music can impact on the mind and body.

Dame Jocelyn is world-famous for the leading role she played in the discovery of massive rotating neutron stars, known as pulsars.

She has become a role model for young students and female scientists and was appointed a CBE for services to astronomy in 1999. Her story was featured in BBC Four’s Beautiful Minds and BBC Two’s Horizon.

The Water Fluoridation Conversation, a public discussion on plans to put fluoride in Hull’s water supply, is being organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and features former Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

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